1.  What is Feux follets?

Feux foIlets is a brand-new event, which is taking place at Parc Jean-Drapeau, on the Espace 67 site, from September 13 until October 31, 2019.  

Feux follets offers visitors the chance to enjoy both a technological and immersive experience, combining all kinds of lights brightness, which will highlght a destination or a theme. The 2019 edition presents China. You will be able to contemplate the lanterns, some structures are 15 meters high, and be part of this grandiose scenary.  Something never seen in Montréal yet !


Feux follets, it’s :

  • 49 days presenting all kind of shows and entertainment.
  • The journey combines :
    • Grandiose colorful scenaries made with Chinese Lanterns,
    • 3D holographic animations appearing everywhere when you least expect them, as well as a water screen animations,
    • Drones dancing with artists,
    • Many stories that will be told to you through the Chinses shadow theater,
    • An art gallery where you will discover various local painters,
    • Calligraphy workshop to initiate you with the Chinese writing.
    • Food festival where you will be able to taste typical Chinses food.
  • Also, many shows will be presented everyday such as contorsionists, acrobats, changing-masks artists, musicians, singers, all of them real or not…


2.  What time is Feux follets starting and how long is the journey?

Opening hours are : From Monday to Sunday, 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. The journey lasts approximately 2,5 hrs.


3.  Who is this event for?

It is a mainstream event, no matter what your age is, you will be blown away. This is the must-to-be-seen event of this fall in Montréal.  


4.  At what age do children not pay?

Children aged 5 and under are admitted to the event free of charge.


5.  Can I go whenever I want ?

Yes! Your ticket is valid for one day, any day you feel like coming.


6.  This is a first edition; Is the event coming back next year ?

Indeed, this event will take place every year around the same dates. A country or a theme will be given the spotlight.


7.  Why should we come to Feux follets ?

To have the chance to travel in a different way.


8.  What if I can not pay from my iphone / ipad?

A. If you have difficulty paying on the website we recommend using the following link to purchase your tickets:


9.  What happens in case of refund?

Platform fees will not be refunded.


10.  Getting to Parc Jean-Drapeau


11. From what age can you benefit from the senior tariff?

From 65 years old and over.


* Please note that unused tickets will not be refunded at the end of the event which is October 31st 2019.